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Business Phone & Communications

Rinble provides business phone system and communication services to Canadian small and medium sized businesses.

  • No Contracts: pay for what you use.
  • On site setup across Canada
  • Dial 6-1-1 for help
  • Mobile phone pairing
  • Mobile app allows remote use of desk phone
  • Phone system features

    All of our clients get access to the following phone system features, regardless of how many phones are licensed. All of the features can be configured in our Admin Portal.

    Feature Description Pricing
    Auto attendants   Greet callers with an automated receptionist. Present callers with dial options to reach certain departments or individual extensions. Includes staff directory lookup and ability to create multiple attendants for presenting additional options and for multi-language support. Included
    Queues Assign phones to a queue (for example a “sales queue”) and choose whether to have all queue member phones ring simultaneously or in rotation. You can also add custom hold music in place of ringing, to give callers a professional experience while they hold. Included
    Custom hold music Play customized messages to your callers while they wait on hold or in a queue. Included
    Schedules All components of your phone setup can be scheduled, enabling different messages for when you are open or closed and allowing you to stop certain phones from ringing when closed. Custom entries allow you to creat temporary messages such as around statutory holidays. Included
    Recording Record incoming and outgoing calls. Usage
    Monitoring Monitor calls in real time. Included


    Pricing is on a per phone basis. Typically, our customers will have a mixture of Pro and Basic extensions to suit their needs.

    Feature Basic Pro Extension
    $19.50 CAD / mo $29.50 CAD / mo
    US & Canada calling (not long distance) ✅ ✅
    Extensions ✅ ✅
    Direct line* ✅
    Voicemail to email ✅
    Voicemail transcription ✅
    Mobile phone pairing ✅
    Call recording ✅
    Call recording transcripts** ✅
    Call monitoring ✅
    Click-2-Call ✅
    * Phone number charge applies
    ** Usage charges apply.

    Get started

    1. Call 416-342-1605 and press 2 for sales.
    2. Schedule a meeting or discuss your requirements over phone.
    3. Receive a quote.
    4. We install your phones and configure the system on site.