Faxhound is our modern efax solution. Sending and receiving faxes is easily done through the faxhound.com website using your Rinble credentials.

  • send and receive faxes from anywhere, using your web browser
  • receive faxes to your email as well
  • assign incoming faxes to users and record notes and status updates
  • send to multiple recipients simultaneously
  • store fax recipients in the address book
  • faxless document delivery via PDF Drop (see below)
  • integrated with your Rinble phone system but also available as a standalone product.
  • Announcing PDF Drop

    PDF Drop is a brand new feature which lets clients fax your business, even if they don’t have a fax machine or even an eFax account. Clients simply go to a direct link provided and upload the document to be delivered. Faxhound converts the uploaded document into an image for efax delivery and sends it to you, with the exact time of delivery.

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